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“Helen Fischer, we have to talk”: German fans complain

“Helen Fischer, we have to talk”: German fans complain

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Helen Fisher is currently on a big tour. (Collage) © Collage: IMAGO / Funke Photo Services // Screenshot: Instagram/helenefischer // dpa / Henning Kaiser

Helen Fisher’s fans had to wait a long time for their idol’s concerts. The Queen of Pop’s post is now causing slight discontent among followers.

Arnhem/Cologne – Schlager’s world has finally been restored. Helen Fisher’s fans have had to wait a very long time to get their hands on their adorable music idol. But now the successful queen has returned to the stages of Germany and Europe. However, the publication of the current live tour has caused slight dissatisfaction among fans – and great desire.

First came the family holiday and then, when we were supposed to go on tour in March, Helen Fisher’s broken rib caused the tour to be postponed. But Schlager’s world has had Helen back since April.

Helen Fisher gives insight into the tour with a loose look: But not all fans are celebrating with the video

And the blonde badass shows herself as we know her: the 39-year-old sweeps the stage with incredible energy. Breathtaking acrobatic movements combined with catchy melodies, often leaving you wondering: how did Helen Fisher manage to play the notes when they are moved in the air parallel in all directions. A spectacle that fans recognize and celebrate with amazement.

Facts about Helen Fisher

Age: 39 years

Date of birth: August 5, 1984

Height: 1.58 meters

Partner: Thomas Pagel

But Helen’s tour doesn’t just take her to theaters in Germany. She also traveled with her accompanying delegation to Switzerland and the Netherlands. After her concert in Arnhem, Netherlands, the singer posted a short video of the performance on Instagram. “Welcome to the Rausch tour,” the singer says at the beginning of the clip, still in her loose-fitting look with a cup of coffee in hand, as she walks through the still-empty concert hall. Excerpts from the presentation follow.

“Helen, we have to talk”: Helen Fisher’s fans express their great desire

Helen Fisher received a lot of compliments for the video on Instagram: “Great show! Thank you for everything!”, “Helen, you were amazing!” could be read in the comments, for example.

But Arnhem’s video is also leaving some German fans feeling a little unsatisfied – even if of course that can be read with a wink. “Helen, we need to talk: Arnheim gets a job and Cologne doesn’t?! What’s happening?!”, the Helene.Fighter fan page comments under the post. Some fans quickly said: “That’s what I was about to say” and “Yes, it must!” “Cologne was so magical,” the caption read.

To put it in perspective: Helene Fischer appeared in Cologne seven times from August 25 to September 2. Then followed the concert in the Netherlands on September 13. But the hit queen from Cologne didn’t send a collection of videos to her online community. Clearly some of the details that some fans would like to see have changed, as the show in Cologne appears to have impressed them incredibly well. Maybe the singer will fulfill her wish later.

Helene Fischer still has two stops left on her tour: as of September 26, she will take the stage in Munich five times – in parallel with the Oktoberfest. From October 3, the “Rausch” tour will conclude in Frankfurt am Main.