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Switzerland fails hockey quarter-finals

Switzerland fails hockey quarter-finals

Finland brought down Switzerland.Photo: cornerstone

The path of the Swiss men’s team ends in the quarter-finals. Patrick Fischer’s team lost 5-1 to Finland and finished the tournament in eighth place.

Like in Pyeongchang in 2018, when she was in the round of 16 against her Germany Defeating 1:2 after extra time, the Swiss did not get the hoped-for Olympic medal at the second attempt led by Patrick Fischer either. On Wednesday they were unable to repeat the previous day’s strong performance in the Round of 16 against the Czech Republic (4:2) and were unnecessarily behind 0:3 until the 24th minute.

Before Miro Altonen reached the score 0-1, Gaitan Haas lost the ball in the neutral zone, then defenders Rafael Diaz and Mirko Muller did not adequately act in front of his own goal. The score 0-2, which came 128 seconds after receiving the first goal, was an own goal by Santeri Alatalo, who directed the disc with his stick at the mask of goalkeeper Reto Beira, as it rolled over the goal line. This was Switzerland’s fourth goal in the fifth half. Marco Antilla 0: 3 and was preceded by a bad pass from defender Lucas Frick in his area.

“The disappointment is too great. The plan was to be implemented, but Finland was a step forward. They played smart and took advantage of their chances. We struggled to score goals. They stood in the middle and waited for a counterattack and got it. It took our energy.”

Santeri Alatalo, defender

Subsequently, the Finns controlled the match until the first penalty kick, which was conceded by Mikko Lehtunen. Andres Ambul, who had already scored the first goal for Switzerland in the round of 16, also outnumbered, reducing the difference to 1:3 in the 38th minute after a superb combination. The last pass was awarded by Enzo Corvi, the most productive Swiss striker in this tournament. The Davos center scored the fourth assist and fifth scorer point overall.

“The disappointment is enormous. We started well. I do exactly what we said we shouldn’t do: gifts for Finns. This painful. We beat ourselves today, although we didn’t give up in the end. We weren’t smart enough.”

Patrick Fischer, coach of the national team

The fourth goal in the Beijing Athletics gave a powerful boost to the Ice Comrades. They started the last section with a lot of momentum. They had no luck in the 42nd minute when Dennis Malgin hit the post. After the second penalty kick against the Finns (54), Fischer risked everything with a sixth field player, after which Eero Baccarinen scored 4-1 (56) after Diaz lost a disc on the opponent’s blue line. Timo Hartikainen led 5-1 (57 minutes) also in the net.

“It’s very bitter, we had big plans and gained a lot of self-confidence against the Czech Republic. The Finns came back and waited. We were given a lot of gifts. We have to be tougher in front of our goal of the first three goals. If you don’t do So at that level, then “the tiles.” In the last third we went with everything, but without luck or success.”

Rafael Diaz, captain

Although goalkeeper Leonardo Ginoni had shone the day before, Fischer did not count on the six-times champion in a knockout match for the first time since the 2018 Olympics. However, it was not through the absence of Pera, who was substituted in the 24th minute, that the Swiss miscalculated. In the semi-finals they were aiming for. Indeed, the experienced Finns played with the usual discipline. It is no coincidence that the Nordic countries have participated in two World Cups gold She won the silver medal. From the Swiss point of view, it was very unfortunate that they helped in their mistakes.

Finland – Switzerland 5:1 (2:0, 1:1, 2:0)
Indoor National Stadium. – 948 spectators. – SR Ansons / Gouin (LAT / CAN), Hynek / Oliver (CZE / USA).
gates: 9. (8:37) Altonen (Freeman, Nittinen) 1-0. 11. Lattunen (Heitänen, Maninen) 2-0 (Latalo’s reverse goal) 2-0. 24- Antilla (Bjornenen) 3-0. 38. Ambühl (Corvi, Haas/Lehtonen excluded) 3:1.56. (55:28) Baccarinin (Vilpola, Pesonen) 4:1 (inside empty goal). 57. (56:47) Härtikainen 5:1 (inside the empty goal).
punish: 2 times 2 minutes each.
Finland: Satiri. Buka, Ohtama; Lehtonen, Hietanen; Vatanen, Lindbaum; Kemelinen, Freeman; antilla, purninin, melaninin; Hartikainen, Manninen, Granlund; Baccarin, Valbula, Bison. Komarov, Natinin, Altonin.
Switzerland: Beira/Genoni (from the twenty-fourth); Diaz, Muller; Weber, spoon fora, grits; Altalo. Simeon, Hass, Hoffmann; Ambul, Corvi, Thurkopf; Andregueto, Malgin, Duke; Moser, Birchi, Mutt; Holenstein.
Notes: Switzerland without Intersander (injured), Ginoni (replacement goalkeeper), Fermin and Eichlemann (both surplus). – 42. Post shot Malgin. – Switzerland from 54:46 to 55:28 and from 55:50 to 56:47 without a goalkeeper.
shots: Finland 23 (10-8-5); Switzerland 34 (8-12-14).
Powerplay Yield: Finland 0/2; Switzerland 1/2. (Abu/Sada)

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Source: Keystone / Luca Bruno

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