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Switzerland can still hope for a hot summer

Switzerland can still hope for a hot summer

Rain, hail and thunderstorms: hope for a hot summer is gradually dying. But meteorologists promise improvement — and soon.

The basics in brief

  • The past few days have seen continuous thunderstorms with heavy rain.
  • Meteorologists expect a more stable summer from mid-July.

It cracks and cracks and flashes. We messed up for days Violent thunderstorms the summer. Instead of sweltering temperatures and lots of sunshine, it rains and rains as much as you can.

as well as in First week of July We wait in vain for a long lasting high. And tomorrow, Friday, the weather will be hot in many places, 24 degrees. But already in the days that followed, outbreaks of cold air over the Atlantic once again increased the tendency to showers and thunderstorms.

Waiting for the height of summer continues. Tired of bad weather?

Can Switzerland hope for a hot summer? Yes, it says «Meteoswis». “Switzerland has already experienced the fourth warmest June in terms of warmth since the measurements began,” explains Stephane Bader. Only the last third of June was wet and cold.

Meteorologist: ‘Summer is already here’

Current experience and speculation – still somewhat uncertain – promise an early improvement. “Basically, the northern side of the Alps can count on stable summer weather and plenty of sunshine from mid-July,” Bader says.

Klaus Marquardt of Meteonews is also confident. “Summer is already here.” It is perfectly normal for the first half of the year to be rather unstable. Longer hot days are not excluded.

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