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Swimming EM: Motive attack of twelve in a short trajectory

Swimming EM: Motive attack of twelve in a short trajectory

The Aquatics Palace in Kazan is the largest indoor swimming and other water sports center in the world. Obock, who has reached the Olympic final three times, is completing a training camp at the heights rather than participating in the European Championships in Spain, and is also focusing on the World Cup short cycle in Dubai in mid-December, as is the case with Kahler, who has also been studying in the United States America since this semester.

According to the newspaper, Grabowski has the best chances of taking the Austrian lead and can predict a medal on a good day. The Burgenland woman had missed the bronze medal in the 200 meters in May when she finished fourth at the European Long Distance Championships by 0.32 seconds and finished 12th in Tokyo at the Olympics. In September, the 19-year-old had to take a ten-day break due to high school graduation, but he last appeared in Pilsen.

Duo under constant load

Bernhard Richhammer and Christopher Rothbauer had an uncommon ongoing burden for them in the preliminary round of the International Swimming League (ISL) from the end of August in Naples, and after the European Championship trip their teams will continue in Eindhoven immediately. Reitshammer was in a training camp in Turkey until Friday and is excited to go to the European Championships: “The experience of competition is the best any athlete can have. That’s why I think I’ll take advantage of it (ISL, NB) in EM.”

Geba / Michael Mendel

From a domestic standpoint, Grabowski has the best cards for a spot in the EM . front field

Tyrolean has his biggest hopes in the 100m individual medley, but he also believes a semi-final or final is possible on his other four courses. Rothbauer relies primarily on a 200-meter breaststroke, and it is believed that entry to the final is also possible on the 100-meter breaststroke. After four weeks of ISL, Lower Austria completed four weeks of police training with only one training session per day. “It was very difficult to find the right person in the training,” Rothbauer said.

Olympic spectators without pressure

Lena Krondel returned from Switzerland in the summer, after a long-running coronavirus infection didn’t quite shake her up in terms of performance. “Unfortunately, I still had no symptoms behind me. It’s so up and down I can’t control myself yet,” said Upper Austria. Krondel also recently finished his conditional training. The 23-year-old has been selected for six courses and also hopes to reach the finals.

Like Krondel, Caroline Belhach was not in the Olympics. The 2018 Over-50m World Vice Champion will compete over four courses, including sprinting and dolphins. “I am now going to the Middle East without any pressure, and the main focus is more on the World Cup,” said Styrian. “The final is definitely the goal.” The rest of the seven women on the team are Nina Jungle, Claudia Hofnagel, Lena Opatrell and Cornelia Pamir. Then there’s Simon Bucher, Heiko Gigler, and Alexander Trampitsch.

The OSV team traveled to Russia on Saturday with sporting director Walter Barr at the helm. “We have a very young and ambitious team at the start,” Barr said. “I think we can count on some personal best results out there, and I also hope we can break records in Austria and some finals for our ladies and gentlemen. The whole team is very excited and goes into the competition with great optimism” – and that too in some of the substitutions, with a decision being made shortly before that .

To start on Tuesday, swim the 4 x 50 metres: Kraul Gangl, Pammer, Kreundl, Pilhatsch or Gigler, Reitshammer, Bucher and Trampitsch. Either way, due to the lack of participation, medals will be on the agenda for the finals (from 4:30pm CET). Preliminary sessions begin at 8:00 AM CET.

OSV lineup for the short course EM

Women (7): Nina Gangl (SU Mödling), Lena Grabowski (SU Neusiedl), Claudia Hufnagl (USC Graz), Lena Kreundl (ASV Linz), Lena Opatril (SC Innsbruck), Cornelia Pammer (1st USC Traun), Caroline Pilhatsch (AT Graz)

Men (5): Simon Bucher (ASV Linz), Heiko Gigler (SV Spittal), Bernhard Reitshammer (ASV Linz), Christopher Rothbauer (SVS), Alexander Trampitsch (SC Steyr)