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Surprise Stephanie Heinzmann with a bold hairdo by Martin Dürrenmatt

Her star hairstylist assumed something completely different

Stephanie Heinzmann stunned in a low-rise purple bob

Stephanie Heinzmann is an inspiration to people who want to be true to themselves. The singer has her own personal and professional path and hairstyles. Her friend and hairdresser Martin Dürrenmatt supports her.


Stefanie Heinzmann has a fresh look with the trendy mullet, a “short in the front, long in the back” hairstyle. The look was executed by her trusted hairstylist, Figaro star Martin Dürrenmatt.


Beret Silja GroundlersPeople editor

She’s done it again: Singer Stephanie Heinzmann, 33, stunned with a bold hair color and an even bolder cut.

Her trusted hairstylist, Martin Dürrenmatt, 31, gave the singer the so-called mullet hairstyle, also known as the mullet cut. It means nothing but “short in the front, long in the back.”