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Super hives, torrential rain, hail: do storms spoil the football evening? Meteorology

Again, supercells can evolve further south. Heavy rain can also fall in Munich on Wednesday evening. But weather models still differ on the exact evolution of weather.

Weather models are still in dispute

The new IBM GRAF weather model shows a lower quality view of a football evening. Between 9 pm and 11 pm, at all times, heavy rain or hail can occur in Munich. These forecasts remain associated with uncertainty, but there is a risk of more storms in the south.

If you look at other weather models, the picture is mixed. Sometimes heavy rain falls, sometimes thunderstorms fall 100 km to the west.

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Danger of supercell

But what is certain is that it will remain quiet until five in the evening. The evening is still mild at first. Then the bottom of the atmosphere intervenes and unleashes a series of thunderstorms that intensify in the evening. There is a risk of severe thunderstorms and it is possible for the supercells to reappear, as in the past few days.

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In fact, supercells always bring great cold with them. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the Allianz Stadium was injured by a supercell. Then the game can be interrupted or even canceled. It should not be forgotten that supercells always significantly increase the risk of hurricanes.

Thunderstorms continue to rage into the night

Even if the forecast is still uncertain at this time, the risk of storms in the south in the evening is high. Heavy rain can also occur in the beer garden or at the lake after 6 pm. Until late at night.

Thunderstorms remain active until late at night, because the atmospheric bottom and night cooling at the top of the cloud make thunderstorms live for a very long time.

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Thunderstorm predictions are the problem of meteorology

The problem with thunderstorm forecasts has always been that thunderstorms must appear first before their paths can be predicted. Many factors play a role in the formation of thunderstorms. Therefore, neither a weather model nor a meteorologist can accurately predict where and when thunderstorms will occur.

But you can specify the strength and general direction of the draw and the time of release. But whether the first cloud will form on one slope in the Black Forest or whether it will shine first in the Allgäu is unpredictable.

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