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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz turned into Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Platz: the monarchy ended - the provinces - Berlin

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz turned into Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Platz: the monarchy ended – the provinces – Berlin

The show was called “People”, and it was shown at SFB and worked differently from our near-community program. The Tajspiegel People’s ProjectMore about celebrities. For example Richard von Weizsäcker and Wolfgang Neuss. In 1983 the governor and cabaret artist came to the Kranzler Café to talk and have since had a legendary evening of television.

Neuss calls Weizsäcker “Richie,” declares his brother Karl Friedrich the “true intellectual in the family” and says the ruler behaves as if we lived in a monarchy. “Oh, listen,” Weizsäcker objects, he doesn’t see himself as an intellectual anyway and that the monarchy is over.

You can read it online on SpiegelThe term “alternative emperor” also appears in the article. A video clip from the program “People” which unfortunately does not show the entire duet, Available on YouTube.

Richard von Weizsäcker, unlike the original replacement emperor Paul von Hindenburg, was of course no one. But this one from Germany’s Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz still unnecessarily around is now being called a former Federal President, and that’s something.

As is often the case in Berlin, the road was difficult in terms of provincial politics. Sigrid Kneist reports in the District Newsletter Herecommented Here and offers Here To another place, at least equally important.

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