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Stronger ties with the royal family: Harry travels home, and Meghan is “very concerned”

Stronger ties with the royal family: Harry travels home, and Meghan is “very concerned”

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have been living in California since Megxit.

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Prince Harry is scheduled to return to his home country, but it is still unclear whether Meghan will accompany him. Either way, the Duchess of Sussex is “very concerned” about this.

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  • Prince Harry is about to return to Great Britain.
  • It should be the first step among many steps to become more attached to your homeland again, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Express”.
  • It is still unclear whether his wife, Meghan, will accompany him or not, as the Duchess of Sussex is “very concerned” about the return trip.

Prince Harry (39) will soon return to Great Britain. In a few weeks he will return home, but it is still unclear whether Meghan (42 years old) will accompany him.

It's a time of crisis for the British royal family: King Charles III's cancer report. (75), and shortly afterwards Princess Kate (42) was diagnosed with cancer. The latter discovered the serious illness after conducting an abdominal examination in January. She addressed the public in a video message about a week ago.

It is now known that Harry is traveling home. His wife, Megan, is “very concerned” about this matter, as are the British “pass” He writes.

Harry also suffers from “persistent paranoia” because he cannot shake the suspicion that his family may be planning a counterattack on the Spare.

Millions of investments

The reason for the trip home is the Invictus Games. The service will be held on May 8 as part of the 10th anniversary. Harry and Meghan are on the guest list. The Duke of Sussex is also scheduled to make a speech.

It's still questionable whether Meghan will actually make an appearance. If you arrive, Archie (4) and Lilibet (2) will likely be there too. As the Express further wrote, Harry hopes his wife will attend so he can enjoy the service with his family.

The future of the Invictus Games has also been recently secured: the British Ministry of Defense has announced that it will invest millions of euros so that the sporting competition can be held in Great Britain. This is a step that experts believe is an indication that Harry wants to become more attached to his homeland again.

A reconciliation with his brother William (42) is currently on hold; Harry simply wants to be there for his family in the event of a health crisis.

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