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Strong statement about USA trip: “Cancelled under Flick!”  |  game

Strong statement about USA trip: “Cancelled under Flick!” | game

The national team travels to the USA to play two friendlies.

Under new national coach Julian Nagelsmann, the team had a strong 3-1 win against the USA. A step in the right direction.

There are more reviews for the US tour. Especially the Tuesday to Wednesday game against Mexico at 2am Germany time.


BILD expert Alfred Draxler speaks clearly about this trip in “The Situation of the League”: “The trip is a big mistake,” explains Draxler: “We have a problem with Dortmund playing on Friday. The players will be taken to Germany by private jet. The trip is unnecessary.

Nagelsmann after his smash debut That is what he has now promised his fans

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He is convinced that things would have been completely different under former national coach Hansi Flick. “If Hansi Flick was still the coach, I think there would have been a hail of rejections. One would have had a calf injury, another would have caught a cold. But of course everyone wanted to prove themselves under the new coach. No one canceled. But a few Dortmunders would have canceled under Flick.

Bela Reddy, a guest commentator on the show, also reveals why the game is on German TV in the middle of the night. “Mexico is a great soccer country,” explains the cult commentator. “They want their game in prime time too. But it also shows how important German football is at the international level right now. People don’t dance to our music anymore.

Doubt was revealed on television Why did Nagelsmann suddenly change his clothes?

Doubt revealed on TV: Why did Nagelsmann change his clothes?

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And only strong acting can change this. But a start has certainly been made under Nagelsmann.