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Stephane Merross throws the star into the water in “Always Again on Sunday.”

Stephane Merross throws the star into the water in “Always Again on Sunday.”

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from: Volker Rennert

Moderator Stefan Moross did a crazy job on Sunday (July 16th). Pop star Vincent Gross got pulled into cold water by Mrss.

Rust – On Sunday morning (July 16), it’s finally time again. Moderator Stefan Moross introduced (47)”Every time on Sundays– After a week’s vacation – Live from Europapark in Rust. First-class guests visited the median in fine summer weather. The presenter probably thought a little cool in the cool water wouldn’t hurt when he had to paddle on oversized water shoes for a mission and did a funny job with pop star Vincent Gross (26).

“Over and Over on Sundays”: Famous Stars as Guests by Stefan Moross

In addition to Swiss singer Vincent Gross, her compatriot Beatrice Egli (35), who sang two songs from her new No. 1 album “Balance”, was also a guest. In addition to the previous 2013 DSDS winner, Prince Damien was also on the guest list, who was allowed to follow in DSDS’s footsteps three years after Egli.

Spouses Marianne (70) and Michael (74) were also present for what appears to be one of their last television appearances. As the duo has already announced, they will end their singing career in the spring of 2024 – after 50 years in show business. In addition, acts by “Die Paldauer”, Tom Astor & Band, Laura Wilde, Tanja Lasch, TIMO & Band and brothers Alexander and Andreas Rier ensured a good atmosphere.

The broadcast of “Always Sunday” dates back to 2023

Episode 9: July 23

Episode 10: August 6

Episode 11: August 13th

Episode 12: August 27

Best episode: Sept. 3

Stefan Gross pulls Vincent Gross live in the water

Stefan Moross made a joke on the show. When the presenter wanted to prove himself in front of the audience in stand-up rowing and master the small course in the allotted time, the successful star Gross offered to help him climb onto a platform out of the water. Mr. Moross was grateful for the help and replied, “Yeah, that would be great.” However, the attentive viewer was suspicious of evil when Mr. Ross delayed the situation a little longer, perhaps to get better ground on the shaky oars.

Vincent Gross falls into the water and Stephane Merros is on the right
What a pleasure! On Sunday (July 16), moderator Stefan Gross dragged famed superstar Vincent Gross – including his clothes – in the water on Always Sundays. The audience applauded happily. © Screenshots:

Grabbed by the arm, Gross pulled the 26-year-old into the water despite his clothes. Amid roaring laughter among the audience, the 26-year-old Swiss took the action casually – in the true sense of the word – coolly. The hit star even thanked Mr. Mrss for the welcoming calm: “Thank you, fox.” Falling into the singer’s arms, Mr. Moros replied, “One hand is washing the other.”

For the July 23 issue of “Over and Over Sunday” received a basket for Stefan Moross – specifically from singer and still wife Anna-Karina Wojciech (30). Reason: Giovanni Zarrella (45). Sources used: again and again on Sundays