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State of Play premiere

State of Play premiere

The gaming community is finally able to like the first game material from “Hogwarts Legacy”. Avalanche Software provided a total of 14 minutes of game scenes in the State of Play, where various gameplay elements were introduced.

The state of play has ended today. There was a total of 14 minutes of gameplay footage from the PS5 version of “Hogwarts Legacy”. With the help of these scenes, fans can finally get a detailed impression of the upcoming open-world RPG. These are the first game scenes since then Trailer ad In September 2020.

Explore Hogwarts and other well-known locations

At first, the player creates his own magician. He then attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 19th century. Later, one of the developers shared that repeating the magical school was a formidable challenge. After all, the building is huge.

The combat system was one of the important themes in the game’s premiere. Watch as the player uses a variety of spells to battle fantasy creatures. To be able to heal or strengthen yourself in difficult situations, you have to make useful potions at Hogwarts.

As it should be in a role-playing game, all values ​​can be upgraded and useful skills can be unlocked. And to be mobile in the open game world, you can, without surprise, use a flying broom. You can not only explore the famous school of magic, but also explore the surrounding landscape. In the trailer, we see the village of Hogsmeade as an example, where exclusive activities await.

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The remaining minutes were used by Avalanche Software to talk a bit about the project. According to Chandler Wood, it’s the game they’ve always dreamed of. The whole team is really excited to make it available to the fans.

Hogwarts Legacy is slated to release later this year. This was confirmed by the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive previous january.

Your legacy begins at Hogwarts now. Try what is not writtenIt says, among other things, in the video description.

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