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Starfield: A Leaker who wanted to sell the stolen game has been arrested

Starfield: A Leaker who wanted to sell the stolen game has been arrested

Although Starfield won’t be released until the beginning of the new month, there are already quite a few copies in circulation. After a leaker prematurely posted 45 minutes of gameplay online, it’s now under investigation. He tried to sell stolen copies of Starfield.

Unprofessional gameplay loaded

On August 22nd, Darren Harris made headlines when he posted a gameplay video of Starfield to YouTube. The clip was captured with a mobile phone and shows a fight scene from the upcoming space adventure. Many users reacted to the video and, above all, criticized the leaker’s lack of skill. However, the uploaded material was quickly shared on other social media platforms.

Testers and developers who received a copy of Starfield in advance had to contractually agree not to share any pre-release content for the game. Anyone who violates the NDA must expect a high contractual penalty and other legal action. The video posted to YouTube has since been removed from the platform.

Leaker offered copies of Starfield

A few days ago, the leaker also started publishing offers of Starfield copies on the Japanese Mercari platform. The Constellation Edition version of the new title has also been implemented here. In the videos, Darren Harris can be seen wrapping packages while several copies of Starfield lie beside him. How he obtained the copies is still not clear.

However, illegal methods could have been used here. Darren Harris has been arrested in Shelby County, Tennessee, United States. He is charged with a felony theft of property valued between $2,500 to $10,000. In addition, it should be loud Kotaku They committed two other crimes, theft of property worth up to $1,000 and possession of cannabis.

The alleged thief was released after posting $10,000 bond. The next court date is scheduled for August 28. It may take a few months before a final verdict is reached. Neither Darren Harris nor Bethesda have commented further on the issue. Starfield publisher Microsoft hasn’t released a statement either.


  • Copies of Starfield are circulating ahead of release, and a gameplay leak is leaking.
  • Darren Harris attempted to sell supposedly stolen copies.
  • Harris showed copies of Starfield on Japan’s Mercari platform.
  • Harris was arrested in Tennessee on multiple charges of theft.
  • Harris was released after posting bail.
  • The next court date is August 28, and there has been no statement from him or Bethesda.

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