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SRF documentary about Zurich Kronenhalle – Chef defends himself against criticism

SRF documentary about Zurich Kronenhalle – Chef defends himself against criticism

April 16, 2024, 10:44 amApril 16, 2024, 4:11 p.m

On the occasion of the centenary of the Zürich Kronenhalle, “SRF Dok” offers an insight into traditional works in three programmes.

Dine between Farlin and Picassos: Zurich's traditional Kronenhalle restaurant celebrates its centenary. Photo: Keystone

One of the people pictured is chef Peter Scharer, who has been working at the fine dining restaurant for 33 years. Shearer is now under fire for his appearance on the SRF programme. Because the chef also unleashes his emotions in front of the camera. “That's a poop!” “That's only enough for one day,” Schaefer says, annoyed at an employee who made a mistake with the order.

Chef Peter Scharer.

Chef Peter Scharer.Screenshot: SAR

A chef's accent has consequences. The restaurant received some bad reviews on Google. “I watched the SRF documentary and decided that I would definitely never be a guest at the Kronenhalle,” one person wrote. “The SRF broadcast was not good advertising,” another.

“There's nothing worse in the kitchen than people not knowing what their boss wants.”

Peter Sharer

But not everyone shares the same opinion. Several people defend the chef on Google: “Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant kitchen knows it can get rowdy. “Wanting to damage the restaurant by giving bad reviews just because of a documentary is low-key.” One person comments Another: “Anyone who questions the kitchen staff's skills based solely on DOK's input has definitely missed something. It is precisely such kitchens that produce good chefs.

In an interview with the restaurant magazine Gault Millau Peter Scharer himself defends himself against criticism: “Of my three sous chefs, the shortest one has been here with me for 23 years. So my leadership style seems to be working.” Its highest principle is the principle of equality. “Everyone is treated equally, and no one is given preferential treatment,” Scharer says.

The first program was broadcast on April 5 and the second on April 12. The third part will be shown on April 19 at 9:05 pm. You can find more information about the three-part documentary here. (CST)

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