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“Spring”: Will the GZSZ star return to the series with Simon Tomala?

“Spring”: Will the GZSZ star return to the series with Simon Tomala?

“Spring,” a faithful cinematic format with Simon Tomala as the village assistant, is as successful as it is popular. Notable guest stars also love to attend. Some also want to stay longer.

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Some viewers may have been rubbing their eyes during the latest “Spring” episode as they did Sunny from GZSZ (here at RTL+) opinion. Valentina Bahdi appeared as Henny (a reference to the name of the role in RTL Daily or a coincidence?) in “The Disappearing Parents”. She played fellow radio presenter Roberta Rossi.

We asked the 29-year-old about her participation in the ZDF Herzkino series. “I was so happy when I found out I could be a part of Spring. I love the format, the stories and the look,” Bahdi said. Its appearance is short and sweet, but I would be happier if Henny's role was expanded and the cast was expanded with more beautiful stories. Especially as a real Munich resident, I love the great filming locations and positive stories. That the audience hears magic every time.”

What does ZDF say about the role of “Henny”?