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Sort Outlook emails into categories and filter Outlook emails by categories – that’s how it works!

With so many emails, things get mixed up quickly, wouldn’t it be so helpful to sort your emails into your own categories and then filter them according to those categories? Fortunately, this is very easy which is why in this little guide we show you how to categorize emails in Outlook and search for categories.

The guide was created in Outlook 365, so the steps may differ slightly in older versions, but usually they remain very similar, so that everything can be easily applied to other versions.

To start sorting, switch to the tab above the menu bar Begins Then click once on the email you want to put in a category. Then click on the categories icon, colored squares, which you can also see in the screenshot, and a list of all the categories that are already available will open. Click the category of your choice and you have already categorized the email.

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If you want to create a new category, you select the item for all categories in this list and then you get a window with an overview of all the existing entries. You can do it now rename or also the color Change to it, or you just put the desired category new With the name and color of your choice. This is also available in the menu and can be used.

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So now you can search for a specific category, right click in the start tab on the filter icon, which also appropriately looks like a filter, and in the list you go to the point classifiedIn order to be able to select the category to be filtered there. As a benchmark, nothing is found here at the moment, then you have to click on the small link More results on the server Click Search so you can see all entries from this category.

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Author’s comment: It’s easy to filter emails by categories in Outlook.
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