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“Sorry, you’ve been blocked” – status and problem solution

“Sorry, you’ve been blocked” – status and problem solution

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Discord appears to be broken: “Sorry, you’ve been blocked.” Here you can get all the information about the current situation and help you find the solution.

SAN FRANCISCO – Discord is one of the biggest messengers, especially among gamers. As with all services, one or two outages are unavoidable with Discord. The messenger appears to be down, but we can help you.

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May 13, 2015
Jason Citron, Stan Vishnevsky

Discord: “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” – what does it mean?

What does “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” mean on Discord? There is currently major disruption in Discord. Since Friday afternoon, users from around the world have been reporting that they cannot log in to Discord. The following message appears: “Sorry, you have been blocked.“Don’t panic, you’re probably not banned or anything. You’re probably having the same problem as a lot of other people on Discord.”

Signed into Discord but not sending messages: Even some users are logged in but cannot send messages. It is not yet known what the problem is and how long the disruption will continue. The computer is primarily affected by the problem. Discord should continue to work normally in the Android and iOS app.

Discord down: “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” – Status and Problem Solution © Discord / Imago Images (montage)

Discord down: Here’s what you can do about it

These solutions can solve the problem: If your server and social media status doesn’t give any indication of Discord issues, the problem is likely with your software if something isn’t working.

  • Check internet connection: Verify that the internet connection on the device running Discord is working.
  • Check firewall and security software: Check if a firewall or other security software is preventing Discord from working properly.
  • Stop running programs in the background: Use the task manager to close programs you don’t need in the background.
  • Restart your computer: You must dispute “Execute as administrator” Adjust so that everything works properly. Of course, a simple computer restart can help solve the problem.
  • Delete the program: If Discord still doesn’t work, delete the program and reinstall it. You should also delete all Discord folders and files in the directory.

Otherwise, you just have to wait and hope for updates from Discord. The company is working hard to solve the problem.