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So short!  Nike's US apparel for the 2024 Olympics is causing problems

So short! Nike's US apparel for the 2024 Olympics is causing problems

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So short! The outfit causes trouble

A few days ago, Nike provided clothing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, the US track and field team was met with heavy criticism.

Lauren Fleischman found clear words for Nike's new uniforms
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In Paris this summer, the world's best athletes will compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and proudly represent their country. But choosing the right uniform for track and field athletes in the United States is not very well received – quite the opposite.

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A few days ago, at an event in Paris, sporting goods manufacturer Nike provided insight into the new track and field equipment that American athletes will be wearing in the summer.

Nike presents a bold women's uniform for the Olympics

While the men's outfit consists of blue trousers that reach mid-thigh and a red and blue tank top, the women's bright pink dress is causing a stir. Because the suit is cut very high, the dress ends on the legs at the top of the hips.

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Immediately after the show, several female athletes spoke out and criticized Nike for it. For example, from Paralympic runner Femita Ayanbeko: “It has to be a joke. I am a mother, I cannot expose myself like this.”

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Athletics stars: The body “requires extensive intimate care”

Former American athlete Lauren Fleischman also expressed her dissatisfaction, saying: “Women's shirts should enhance mental and physical performance. “If this uniform were really beneficial for physical performance, men would wear it.”

the The New York Times He even wrote: “When the suit was demonstrated, it seemed to require extensive intimate care.”

Female athletes have the option of wearing men's clothing – at the Nike show, a female athlete also appeared in a different version of the outfit, wearing longer pants like men's clothing. But Fleishman says, “It's about respect. This dress code shouldn't be a choice.”

This year the Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11. The Paralympics begin approximately two and a half weeks later on August 28 and continue until September 8.

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When asked by several media outlets, the American company initially did not want to answer whether Nike would change the women's uniform again by then.