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Slalom in Killington-Holdner in Shiffrin's record podium win - Sport

Slalom in Killington-Holdner in Shiffrin’s record podium win – Sport


Wendy Holdner finished third in the slalom in Killington, and Michaela Shiffrin tied a record with her 46th win.


  • 1. Michaela Shiffrin (US) 1:38, 33
  • 2. Petra Flova (SVK) +0.75
  • 3. Wendy Holdener (SUI) +0.83

After finishing seventh and fourth in Levi’s slalom slalom races last weekend, Wendy Holder is back on the podium at her show. Schweizeren, who broke her hand in pre-season, showed further improvement at Killington and ranked herself third. It’s her 28th podium finish in her slalom, her first since then in March. Holdner created a perfect starting position with a strong first and third. In the second round, she was able to successfully defend her position.

Immediately after the Swiss, Miquela Shiffrin started the second round. After a cautious start, the American managed an impressive ride. It was 0.83 seconds faster than Holdner. Slovakian Petra Velhova, who won twice in Levi, was forced to disqualify the victory after a fatal error, but finished second by 0.75 seconds.

For Shiffrin, who has now won all five slalom races in Killington, this is the 46th victory in the slalom. In doing so, she has achieved the record held by Swedish Ingemar Stenmark for the most successes in her field.

The other Swiss

  • 11. Michel Jezin +2,59
  • 16. Camille Rast +3.23
  • 25. Elena Stoffel +4.75
  • Eliminated after the first round: Melanie Millard (33rd) and Nicole Judd (50th)

After two of Levi’s top 10 rankings, Michelle Jezin had to settle for 11th in Killington. Engelberger did not go well in both rounds. Camille Rast reached the points for the second time this season in slalom. Team Valais finished two places in round two and finished the race in 16. For the first time this winter, Elena Stoffel was ranked in the top 30 at 26th.

Jeezine is not in Lake Louise

Open the chest
close the box

Michelle Jezin is running without the sprint season opener in Canada. Instead of running twice and racing a Super-G in Lake Louise, the Obwalden woman, who suffered from glandular fever in the summer, is using her strength economically. Your next start to the home races is planned in St. Moritz.


From next Friday, the focus will be on female sprinters for the first time this season. There are two tracks (Friday and Saturday) and a Super G in Lake Louise. After going back to Europe going on the weekend on 11/12. December 2 Super G takes place in St. Moritz.