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Sika verkauft nur selten ein Geschäft. In den USA verlangt das Kartellrecht einen solchen Schritt.

Sika is moving away from American business | company sector

Sika Building Chemicals Group wants to sell part of its North American concrete additive business. Sika spokesman Dominic Slabnig confirmed to “Finanz und Wirtschaft” the intent to sell, which was announced by Bloomberg News on Friday. The sale relates to the acquisition of MBCC, BASF’s former construction chemicals division, which Sika announced last November and is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

According to Slappnig, the works presented in the bidding process relate to MBCC’s activities in the USA and Canada. The regular review process by US antitrust authorities could take up to three years, which is too long for the next integration process.

Cooperation with the authorities

“In order to speed up the process, we have decided to cooperate closely with the authorities for commercial reasons and have proactively offered to liquidate the MBCC concrete mix business in the USA and Canada,” the spokesperson said. Other work of the MBCC was not affected.