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“Should I start something with someone from the company?”

“Should I start something with someone from the company?”

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Question from Derek Brock:

Welcome everyone

I've been working at a larger company for some time now. Now, at various company events, I have had to interact with a woman whom I love and find very likable. We don't have much to do with each other because we don't work on the same floor or in the same department.

I'd like to get to know her better and see if something more can come out of her than just sympathy. However, I am very careful not to do anything within the company that might make me have to change jobs. So I have concerns about daring to do this. Moreover, I have no idea how to deal with it because I am a rather shy person.

what would you do? Risk and perhaps live with the “damage” or is it better to stay in the safe zone? Thanks for your comments!

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