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Security Council: US blocks Gaza ceasefire resolution

Security Council: US blocks Gaza ceasefire resolution

The UN Security Council has a draft resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire Gaza Strip failure Although 13 of the group’s 15 members voted in favor in New York, the United States vetoed the draft submitted by the United Arab Emirates. Great Britain did not vote.

The UN deputy ambassador said the demand for an immediate ceasefire in the resolution was “unrealistic” and “wouldn’t have changed anything on the ground”. AmericaRobert Wood.

Similar attempts have failed several times in the past due to opposition from the United States. The US has always stood by Israel and indicated that such moves would be made Resolution It could affect the ongoing diplomatic efforts on the ground.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres earlier urged the UN Security Council to advocate for a humanitarian ceasefire. In his letter to the council, he referred to Article 99 of the UN Charter for the first time since taking office in 2017. It allows the Secretary-General to bring to the attention of the Security Council “any matter which, in his opinion, may affect the guarantee of international peace and security”. The UN Section 99 has not been used for decades.

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