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Second place shooter Martina Lackner-Kel in the “Coppa Delle Prealpi” Championship

Martina Lackner Kiel

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Martina Lackner-Keil has been invited by her former team, the Tex Town Tigers, to represent the Dutch national team at the 27th edition of the Starring “Coppa Delle Prealpi” as a pitcher. In the end, Enschede missed out on winning the championship and took a solid second place.

With three wins from three group stage matches against Sarono, Bussolengo 2.0 and New Polat, a group win can be fixed. On the final day, the Tex Town Tigers faced the other group winners. Since defeating Carano first, Team Enschede has taken second place. But in the subsequent match for first place, Bulat was very strong. A total of 12 teams participated in the international tournament.

“It was great to be a part of the Tex Town Tigers again. I felt like I was back at home. The team aims to bring the home title back to Enschede in 2022. For me, it was the first opportunity to gain match training and it was a good opportunity to locate me” Martina Lackner-Kel describes the opportunity and adds: “It’s really cool that they wanted me here. It was a great weekend for me, not only in terms of playing, but also as a person.”

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