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Samsung provides details on the new Good Lock 6.0

Samsung provides details on the new Good Lock 6.0

It is a real showcase project of Samsung and is very popular in the community. Now there are new details about Good Lock.

With Good Lock, Samsung is offering a comprehensive module for Galaxy smartphones, which allows the user to greatly influence the entire system. But this is also a problem because it makes switching to newer One UI and Android versions very complicated.

In a new post in the internal forum I was informed Samsung is now informing us of the current situation, because the big update with Android 14 and One UI 6 is just around the corner. There are many challenges, the moderator confirms in his comment and apologizes for the discrepancies during the beta.

Structural improvements need to be implemented, and there is some work to be done directly on the core of the program. This and other reasons were given because communication around Good Lock has been an issue recently.

“Furthermore, as the number of features increases and the number of users increases, the complexity of functions and consistency of the user interface becomes more and more necessary.”

Is there a timetable? Yes, Good Lock will be available in a new version at the same time as One UI 6. Samsung wants to simplify some operations and improve well-known modules such as Edge Lighting, Sound Assistant and Wonderland. But structural changes to DeX and the home screen are also coming.

Since there are many changes to implement, there will be various delays in some modules and functions. Meanwhile, new units are already planned for 2024, including the dedicated gaming unit Good Lock.

Samsung’s Good Lock is unique

It has to be said that Samsung isn’t doing itself any favors with Good Lock when it comes to development efforts. But no other manufacturer offers a similar system so that users can customize their smartphone software down to the smallest detail.

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