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Samsung introduces revolutionary OLED screens

Samsung introduces revolutionary OLED screens

Samsung is introducing great OLED displays in Display Week 2021. Samsung’s foldable display is likely to be the highlight.

The basics are in brief

  • Samsung introduced various OLED displays in Digital Display Week 2021.
  • These screens offer completely new possibilities thanks to their foldability, among other things.
  • Screens and rotatable cameras have also been featured below panels in the concepts.

In this year’s pure virtual premiere week, Samsung made a big splash. The South Korean group introduces new OLED screens that give a futuristic look. For example, the screens can be multiple Be folded Or it can be pulled, writes «Computerbase».

Samsung OLED screens with strange capabilities

Samsung displays on Display Week are still prototypes. But these prototypes are already giving a powerful direction as to where things might go in the future. Among other things, an “S-Foldable” was introduced: this case Folded as a cell phone User, it comes fully unlocked but is tablet size.

Such expandable smartphones can also be created by means of retractable screens. In addition, Samsung also offers much larger OLED screens: “17-inch foldable”, as the name suggests, 17 inches. However, this screen can also be folded and thus shrunk to the size of a tablet.

A concept device was also shown where an The camera is under the screen Located. In the presentation, Samsung talked about “small load, big vision” (small transmission, big vision). OLED screens seem to define the future.

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