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Samsung has to replace mobile phone screens

Samsung has to replace mobile phone screens

Samsung has been having an unpleasant problem with some smartphones since last year. Over time, green or pink lines appear on the screen and do not simply disappear. The difficulties have increased such that other models are now eligible for free screen replacement – at least in India.

Samsung needs to replace more smartphone screens

Since July 2023, some Samsung mobile phones have been experiencing a screen issue. Green and pink lines appear out of nowhere. Older models like the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 20 are mainly affected in India, and the screen can be replaced for free in such a case. As more and more newer devices may be affected, this has been the case The exchange program has been expanded. Now the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 are also covered. If green or pink lines appear, the screen can be replaced there for free (Source: SamMobile).

It is still not clear why lines appear on displays. This could be a bad batch in production. The only stupid thing is that other mobile phones have been increasingly affected by this issue lately. We had reported that after the April 2024 update, green or pink lines will appear on models like the Galaxy A73, M52, or Galaxy S22 mentioned above. This is most likely a software issue. But there is no real solution yet. In a worst-case scenario, you should contact Samsung Support if you are affected.

This is how you can get the most out of your Samsung phone:

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Samsung is working on a major software update

The April update isn't even the big upgrade Samsung is planning. One UI 6.1 will be released in May. This brings the AI ​​functionality of the Galaxy S24 models to some smartphones. We can only hope that the previous problems will be resolved by then. We will let you know when there is news about it.

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