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How to drive more authentically in F1 24 this year: New details on physics and handling

How to drive more authentically in F1 24 this year: New details on physics and handling

This year, Codemasters is making a number of changes to the physics and handling in F1 24, among other things.

During a recent event, this matter was discussed in more detail and more specific details were provided.

What are the changes in driving behavior?

There are changes to the suspension, tire model, aerodynamics, power unit and setup options.

In terms of suspension, new motor models have been added that are compatible with modern F1 and F2 cars. This affects many details, and at the same time gives you more adjustment options and should ensure a more realistic weight distribution. In short: more realism.

Other reports on F1 24:

The modified tire model plays a role in this. Temperatures and interactions with the environment have been improved, tire temperature also plays a role in wear and behavior in wet conditions has been modified.

There are also detailed changes to the aerodynamics. Incline and ride height affect downforce. Better calculations and a “virtual wind tunnel” should ensure a more realistic slipstream model and better DRS effects. Ultimately, the individual strengths and weaknesses of individual teams should be better showcased on certain routes.

Improvements have also been made to the power unit. Everything should be calculated more precisely and you should have more control over everything. All ERS modes are available to you in all sessions. Meanwhile, a new differential model allows for more detailed tuning so you can adapt to changing conditions.

F1 24 will be released on May 31, 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series Anyone who purchases the Champions Edition can play starting May 28, 2024.