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Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone and Camera Review (Part Three) |  news |

Samsung Galaxy S22 Smartphone and Camera Review (Part Three) | news |

Part 3 of 3: Camera, benchmarks and the Galaxy S22 in action

In the second part of our test of the Samsung Galaxy S22 We’ve taken a closer look at image quality, among other things. In this third part, we examine the camera app with its functionality, setup options and smartphone performance in practice. Finally, we summarize our results and come to a conclusion.

Camera app:
The camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S22 does not hold any surprises. Samsung uses the design for several generations of smartphones, and a wide range of functions is attractive. In addition, the application is clearly organized. Some of the controls are a bit small, so you have to “shoot” exactly here.

Samsung Galaxy S22 camera app:

The automatic functions also include a number of filters:

As usual, the live image is in the middle surrounded by the options (right and left for horizontal images or top and bottom for vertical images). On the left or above, you get to the settings menu, you can configure the LED light, set a self-timer, select the image format and resolution, activate motion recording (a video clip in addition to the photo) or use filters. Below or to the right of the live image, users choose the recording mode, switch to the front camera, launch or recall the playback mode.

In PRO mode, among other things, exposure correction is possible:

Exposure time can also be specified:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 not only offers classic automatic photo and video recording modes as recording modes, but there are also special modes for portraits, panoramas, or AI-calculated scene groups (“single shot”).

Large range of recording modes:

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S22 also has a dedicated video mode:

Even with videos, manual options are available:

Slow Motion Mode and Ultra Slow Motion Mode are available for slow motion, while PRO Mode and Professional Video Mode are available for manual settings. Both allow for much more powerful interventions than automatic patterns. Here you can change the white balance, focus mode, exposure compensation, exposure time and sensor sensitivity. This applies even to all cameras. summit!

Additional recording settings for the Camera app:

Standards and Practices:
Since the Samsung S22 has a compact body, you will not assume the higher performance data at first glance. However, the Exynos 2200, which is also installed in the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, along with other components, guarantees consistently high performance. The smartphone achieves 1120 points (single core) or 3289 points (multi-core) in the Geekbench CPU benchmark, and 14,202 points in the PC Mark (Working Performance 3.0). The 3DMark “Wild Life” graphics test yielded 7,446 points. This performance will also be more than enough for all tasks in the future.

The 3,700mAh battery provides enough power for about 11 hours of video playback at 75% brightness, so the average user doesn’t have to charge the battery during the day. Of course, it should be considered that the compact device does not come close to the values ​​of large smartphones. You’re ready for the future thanks to Android updates guaranteed for four years, and with Android 12.0, the S22 is also up to date. We find it a shame that there is no microSD card slot. Therefore, the required storage volume should be known later before purchasing.

Selected benchmark results:

Our conclusion:
The Samsung Galaxy S22 is one of the compact smartphones, and despite everything, it offers high performance. This applies to all calculations done by the SoC as well as the triple camera. The latter is inferior to the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of performance, but the performance is attractive for a compact smartphone. At least, as long as focal lengths are no longer needed. With 3x zoom optics, whose angle of view matches that of a 70mm lens when converted to 35mm, it’s not possible to zoom in on very far subjects. If you’re aware of this limitation and don’t want to digitally compensate for lost zoom, you’re missing out on little in terms of the Samsung Galaxy S22’s camera technology.

This is mainly due to the very attractive main camera with very fast autofocus. The 50MP mode ensures detailed images, and the large sensor area (1/1.56 inch) has a positive effect in poor lighting conditions. Ultra-wide-angle and telephoto cameras are equipped with much smaller image converters. It is not noticeable during the day and in good lighting conditions, and the image quality drops significantly in low light. Night mode helps here. So good pictures are possible in many situations.

Galaxy S22 performance is very high despite the compact dimensions:

Videos with the Samsung Galaxy S22 can be captured in great quality in 8K, but we still use 4K resolution in everyday life. Among other things, higher frame rates can be obtained here and shooting can be done with all cameras without convolution. In our opinion, 4K60p is the best choice for all cameras. The S22 saves slow motion recordings in Full HD in decent quality, but the Super Slow-Mo videos are cut off. There’s no shortage of setup options on the smartphone, and the camera app is clearly designed.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 screen and housing work very well. With 2,340 x 1,080 pixels, the former does not belong to the higher-resolution models, but the relatively small screen diagonal of 6.1 inches does not mean that the recording resolution is necessary. The panel also offers high frame rates and high brightness. The high-quality housing fits securely in the hand, and seals protect against dust and water. The Samsung Galaxy S22 offers more than enough performance in everyday life, and we don’t see any limitations in the future either. Unfortunately, Samsung does not have a microSD card slot, so it is not possible to expand the storage space.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the perfect smartphone for anyone looking for an overall high performance and compact body. Of course, there are a number of concessions compared to the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the overall package of the small S22 convinces us.

Our rating for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

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