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Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 are receiving the update

Galaxy S10 and Fold 2 also get OneUI 4 1 minute. read

News / Ariane Krasniki
Photo: Samsung

Samsung is currently distributing a new update for the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series smartphones. This is a new software based on Android 12 and OneUI 4.

Just a few days ago inform usthat Samsung Android 12 update Withdrew in a short time due to some problems with Google services. It appears that these versions are now suspended because the Galaxy S21 is currently receiving new software versions again. A new update for this with build number G99xBXXS3BULC was released just a few days ago. However, the manufacturer still does not state the actual reason for the withdrawal.

Now Samsung starts out loud Sammobile Software update to Android 12 and OneUI 4 also for devices Galaxy S20 Note 20 Siri to distribute. In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 It also provided the third foldable device with the new program. At the moment this update is only offered within Switzerland and outside of this there is still some delay in coming. However, we can assume that German devices will also receive the update in due course. In this country, Samsung has already released 2.2GB update for Android 12 for Galaxy S10 family.

With the software update to Android 12 Check out some new features in addition to the new feature Material You Design on Galaxy devices. The color of the app icons can now be adapted to your background image, but it can also be manually modified using the color palette. In addition to some visual changes, the . file aggregate It worked within the operating system and thus implemented new security features. Within the next year, the update will appear for a few Samsung smartphones and it will also reach the mid-range A-class devices.

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