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Royal health crisis: Harry wanted to help – William prevents his return

Royal health crisis: Harry wanted to help – William prevents his return

Since Charles and Kate also stepped out for health reasons, Harry was said to be willing to help the royal family. William put an end to it.

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Former royal butler Paul Burrell said in an interview that there was “no way back” for Harry. “Too many things have been said,” he continues, “and William has drawn a line.”

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  • The former royal family butler says Harry's time as part of the royal family is over.
  • However, William has a lot to do, and “the boundary line has already been drawn.”
  • Queen Elizabeth II had already told Harry that he could not work for the family if he lived in the United States.

Prince Harry wanted to rush to help his family to support them in this time of crisis. The former royal butler says his brother William is “fed up now”.

Like Paul Burrell in an interview with the Brits “Mirror” He tells us that a difficult start to the year for the royal family means that “things are now changing” in the family. Things cannot continue like this.

The number of Windsors was now greatly reduced by the absence of King Charles III. Undergoing cancer treatment, Princess Catherine is out of official engagements until after Easter after undergoing abdominal surgery.

William no longer trusts Harry

Burrell also adds that Princess Anne is “the only person” who can save the family. She is often described as the most hardworking member of the family. William and Kate were actually supposed to replace Charles, but due to the princess's absence, William has become “very busy with his family.”

Therefore, the first half of the year was very slow for the royal family.

Harry's plan was that he could “wear a uniform and do some jobs for William and Charles.” This seems unlikely because his brother no longer trusts him. The Queen also told Harry that he could not live in the US and was still carrying out royal duties.

Regardless, William has “draw the line”, so Harry is now the prince forever in self-imposed exile. “His work as a member of the Royal Family is over,” Paul Burrell concluded.

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