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This is where it reaches its limits

This is where it reaches its limits

Beatrice Egli loves extremes. Same thing on her podcast. She must ascend to great heights with Sarah Ingalls.

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YouTube / My Heart Beats Schlager – Beatrice Egli on her new podcast In a Special Place.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Beatrice Egli can not only sing and present.
  • Women from Schwyz can also move at high altitudes.
  • Now you can see it on her new podcast.

Now, dear Beatrice, please always maintain balance!

Not so easy in the new episode of the singer's podcast. This time in “Egli Extreme” the 35-year-old woman from Schwyz has to reach dizzying heights. I hope you look elegant at the same time.

Egli, along with fellow musician Sarah Engels (31 years old), venture to the Moulin Rouge stage. In this, the stars are not supposed to show off their vocal skills, but rather to show off their gymnastics skills.

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YouTube / My Heart Beats Schlager – Beatrice Egli and Sarah Engels give it their all.

“Oh, no, no, Moulin Rouge. “That sounds exciting,” says Beatrice Egli happily before her mission. “We will have an exciting experience here at the Moulin Rouge.”

Beatrice Egli floats from the ceiling

He said and did. After a little training, Sarah Engels and Beatrice Egli float from the ceiling.

A nice distraction for the new “Germany searching for the star” jury. Because in the past few months, the successful star, who is accustomed to success, has had to deal with unexpected setbacks.

Opinion poll

How do Beatrice Egli and Sarah Engels do in Moulin Rouge?

You just have to commit to singing.


It wasn't until December last year when it was said: End, end, end for Igli on ZDF!

The musician was presenting her New Year's show 'The ZDF Midnight Party'. And not only her, but the program was also co-presented by Bulent Ceylan (47 years old), with whom she hosted the program last year.

The “ZDF Midnight Party” started late at night, just before 1 a.m., and was watched by about 1.1 million viewers.

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YouTube / My Heart Beats Schlager – A truly wonderful score by Beatrice Egli and Sarah Engels.

Beatrice Egli herself had no comment on the job loss. The TV station explained this to “From the beginning, the format was designed so that the moderation could be changed again and again. That's why Mickie Krause will be hosting “The ZDF Midnight Party” this year.

Beatrice Egli can no longer be seen on ARD

At the end of February, the next bad news for the successful singer appeared on television. The next “Beatrice Egli Show” is scheduled to flash across the screen on April 6th.

However, not as usual on ARD. The show was only advertised on German TV channels NDR and MDR.

Pop star Beatrice Egli is looking forward to a new edition of her Saturday evening show on SWR, MDR and SRF. For the first time on NDR, says an official statement.

“The program can then also be viewed in the ARD media library.” Media library instead of a Saturday night show on TV? It seems so.