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Ross Anthony embarrasses himself on Florian Silbereisen's show

Ross Anthony embarrasses himself on Florian Silbereisen's show

Florian Silbereisen and Ross Anthony met at the “Schlager des Jahr”.Photo: IMAGO/Image of the Future


Jennifer Ulrich

Florian Silbereisen reviewed “Songs of the Year 2023” on December 28 on MDR. The presenter was supported by Andy Borg and Ross Anthony. But things weren't always cheerful on the show. Among other things, Silbereisen emotionally remembers Heino's wife Hannelore, who died in November.

But Ross Anthony caused laughter. One of the games within the show backfired for him. At least he was able to handle it with a sense of humor.

Ross Anthony TV collapse

In Three Words, One Strike, participants Ross Anthony and Andy Borg were shown a line consisting of three words and had to identify the corresponding score.

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High probability of error; In fact, Borg hasn't covered himself in glory in the game in the past. “Not from your blows again, please. I've failed this way before, you remember,” he complained.

MDR TELEVISION best offers of 2023,

Florian Silbereisen, Ross Anthony and Andy Borg look back on the successful year.Photo: MDR/JürgensTV/Beckman

This time it was supposed to reach Ross Anthony, because the singer didn't get any light when it came to his “don't waste a moment” clause. “This is my song, isn't it? But I don't know which one,” he explained, a little despondent. The 49-year-old had to realise:

“It's too bad, I don't know my own lines.”

Ross Anthony's final piece of advice was “let love be love,” and he was wrong. The correct answer would be “I am what I am.” He and Florian Silbereisen were thoroughly amused by this glitch.

Andy Borg then jumped to his colleague's side and said: “I have to defend him, we've already sung a lot of songs and lines. We've already sung every word we've ever invented.” Maybe it was also on his mind that he made a mistake in the last edition of the show.

Florian Silbereisen becomes emotional

However, things got serious when Florian Silbereisen spoke about Hannelore Cram. “A lot of people knew her as Hino's wife, but Hannelore was always like a mother to all of us. She always had the funniest ideas, and was always there for everyone,” the show's director stressed. He also described the deceased as a “wonderful woman.”

Archive - 11 January 2020, Berlin: Florian Silbereisen present at an exhibition

Florian Silbereisen found emotional words on TV.Photo: dpa-Zentralbild / Britta Pedersen

In honor of Hannelore, a video from 1999 of the hit show was also shown. At that time she sang “Deine Liebe” in a duet with Heino, and the two also formed a music team.

Fans celebrate the duet with Beatrice Egli

Incidentally, Florian Silbereisen also asked his community about personal highlights of the year on his Instagram channel. His performance of “Only We Know It” alongside Beatrice Egli has been mentioned several times. Several people also mentioned the open air “Schlagerboom” in Kitzbühel in the comments.