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Romero Games: John Romeros Studio entwickelt neuen Shooter

Romero Games: John Romero Studio is developing a new shooting game

In a way, Romero Games goes back to its founder’s roots and is working on a new first-person shooter. The work is not very advanced, at the moment there are mainly vacancies. A “major publisher” is said to be on board.

He is currently one of the founders of the studio John Romero only the Vacancy Ads The new project was posted on Twitter and other social networks. This also serves as an advertisement, albeit one that is still poorly informed. The basis of the game is Unreal Engine 5, a completely new title that is being developed based on a new brand. The project is being hailed as “the beginning of a new era” for the studio: the company is “100 percent focused on first-person shooters,” who are “the foundation that forms the foundation of our studio and genre.”

Interesting, perhaps promising

What makes the project at least interesting is the staff. John Romero has a long history with first-person shooters, being one of the people who started the genre with Doom 1 in 1993. Romero Games themselves haven’t had anything to do with the genre until now. The studio’s last and most visible game to date was the sim Empire of Sin, which was loud Metacritic Aroused moderate enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, then, Romero Games cites its employees’ “decades of experience” and employee involvement in several shooting titles such as Quake, Far Cry, and Crysis.

John Romero’s record is also mixed. On the one hand, he earned laurels with the first Doom, a shooter that is still actively played today, on the other hand with daikatana The mid-level shooter released an embarrassing marketing campaign – “John Romero’s About to Make You a Whore”, and it ranged from ads to all the major game magazines with the addition of “Suck It Up”, which was at the time, considering the quality offered and the expectations made Raising it has a completely different meaning. A Kickstarter campaign to develop the vaguely described shooter failed as expected in 2016, Doom Mod Sigil, which was released for free and released by Romero on its own, met with an overall positive response. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that the new shooter project will be a sure success.