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Resident Evil Village: Arbeit . DLC

Resident Evil Village: Arbeit . DLC

The news about Resident Evil Village, the eighth installment in the survival horror series, was pretty bad at the Capcom Showcase at E3 on June 14. Resident Evil Village developer Tsuyoshi Kanda had only two news to announce in his address to the audience. First, the multiplayer shooter Resident Evil Re: Verse, which will be free to play and has a release date not yet known, will be released in July. A more precise release date has not been announced.

On the other hand, there is DLC for Resident Evil Village Work in progress, for which Capcom has not provided any other specific information. The only thing known about the DLC so far is the reason for the decision to develop the DLC, which is in great demand from fans.

Difficulty starting in multiplayer shooting game

Resdient Evil Re: Verse is, similar to Call of Duty: Warzone, a free multiplayer mode for Resident Evil Village in which four to six players have to fight to survive. Capcom originally planned to release Re: Verse at the same time as Resident Evil Village, on May 7, 2021. Because Having had problems testing several beta versions of Re: Verse, the developers decided to postpone the release date to summer 2021. It is now clear at least that the game will be released in July, two months after Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Re: Verse: A teaser for the multiplayer mode in Resi 8 Village

Resident Evil Village got off to a very positive start after its debut. A few days after its launch, more than three million units have been shipped worldwide. Plus, tons of mods have been created for survival horror, including some pretty weird mods.

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