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Researchers know why Betelgeuse hasn’t exploded yet

Researchers know why Betelgeuse hasn’t exploded yet

Hardly any other star interests researchers as much as this one Betelgeuse. There is great hope that… Red supergiants Soon it explodes and hence no one’s direct observation Supernova Makes it possible.

However, some astronomers are convinced that the explosion will occur after a long time. It will be soon 10,000 years He spoke, if not only roughly 100,000 years. This has now also been proven by new images of Betelgeuse taken recently Posted.

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New images show: Betelgeuse is unlikely to explode in the near future.

The star is not as dark as expected

The star has put an end to the astronomy community 2019 and early 2020 Thrown into turmoil. At that time it was about 60 percent dark. This phenomenon is also called “Great Dimming Event (GDE)” specific. Could this be a precursor to the star’s massive collapse?

The European Organization for Astronomical Research said: “GDE was not a precursor to a spectacular supernova – sorry!” (ESO) In the current situation. The star could not have been so diminished. Instead, a new study of the recordings shows that Betelgeuse emits gases. These turned into dust, blocking light from the star. Now it seems he is back with his own Usual brightness.

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Such as a 1 Euro coin from a distance of 100 km

Betelgeuse was examined using “Very Large Telescope Observatory” World Environment Organization. “The size of Betelgeuse in the sky is similar to the size of a one-euro coin from a distance of 100 kilometers,” the organization explains.

“Our telescope combines light from multiple telescopes into a much larger ‘virtual’ telescope that can detect small structures on Betelgeuse. This allows us in detail “Watch how this massive star advances and evolves.”