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Ratingen 04/19: Hasenpflug bekommt Verstärkung aus den USA

Ratingen 04/19: Hasenpflug gets reinforcements from the USA

Ratingen 04/19 is about to qualify for the promotion round. But that alone is not enough for coach Martin Hasenbflug. We talked to him.

Martin Hasenpflug on …

.. the part of the season in Oberliga Niederrhein that is completed until the winter holidays:

We made it our mission to play attacking football and have now scored the third most goals in the league. So it was implemented. An impressive sixth place. You have to see this situation in relation to the size of the league. With 23 teams, it’s different from 15. We’re happy about that, but we’ve had two games where we’ve dropped points annoyingly and a stage where we’ve lost three times in a row. Now at the end of the year we’ve got the curve back on.

… personnel changes during the winter break:

We don’t have any departures, but there’s a new addition: Simon Busch finished his studies in the States, played in the college league there and is now joining us. He already trained with us during the preparation. We know him from the youth of Fortuna Dusseldorf, at that time he was also the captain there. He knows some of our guys and his personality fits our team well.

… 2022 goals:

We want to stabilize our performance. We were sometimes very inconsistent. After the good games, there were mostly worse games. In the last two wins, we took a good step towards the climb up round. There are now five matches left and maybe two wins will be enough to do that, although that is the bottom line for our goal. If we were 11th at the end, no one would jump for joy with us.

… setting:

We will start again on January 10 and play against Bergis Gladbach, Genk Osman, Deutz 05 Cologne, Mulheimer FC and Nestadt. Until then, we’ll leave the boys alone. It has been a long time since we began our preparations without interruption. Boys should also turn off power completely.