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Brazen thieves on the field!  What they do is

Brazen thieves on the field! What they do is

For many people, camping isn't just a vacation – no, it's a way of life. That means: a year-round camping site!

Unfortunately, campers cannot influence who the neighbors are on the permanent field or what happens outside. No vacationer can believe what is happening at their campsite!

Camping: Theft Marathon

Campers who spend their entire lives at a campsite put a lot of effort into making their home on the pitch as beautiful as possible. After all, you want to feel good! A woman is now sharing her experiences from her campsite on social media – what's happening here is hard to believe.

Because apparently everyone is stealing from her place! “They are taking our garden decorations with them,” she wrote in a Facebook group for long-term campers. It won't take long to hear other vacationers' experiences. It soon becomes clear: this is no exception!

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Camping: “Steal everything that is not installed”

One gentleman said they had only been on the field for a fortnight when they had already gone up: 'They steal everything that is not nailed down.' Among the many comments, the overwhelming majority felt the same way. “At the previous location on the coast, it was a national sport,” says one camper. It's hard to believe what was stolen! Candles, flashlights, hot dogs, training wheels, a car – the list goes on and on. But it gets worse than that.

Many holidaymakers also have experience with vandals “who simply wreak havoc and destroy everything.” At least theft is “less bad.” But what can you do against crime? “We have now equipped the caravan and awning with cameras and hung warning signs on the property,” says one of the victims. Many people vow to put everything aside as best they can – especially abroad.

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Of course, there are also vacationers who have not had such experiences. “This hasn't happened here in 25 years,” says one gentleman. It seems to depend entirely on location, neighbors and luck or misfortune.