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Queen Mary: Margrethe was against these secret meetings in Australia

Queen Mary: Margrethe was against these secret meetings in Australia

Queen Mary After rumors of an affair, he moved to Australia – something Margrethe objected to

King Frederick and Queen Mary

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Queen Mary took a sabbatical in her homeland before abdicating the throne, which allowed her some escape from the hustle and bustle following affair rumors surrounding her husband, Frederick. He meets his best friend on site – much to Queen Margrethe's annoyance.

In early November 2023, the Spanish magazine “Lecturas” published pictures showing King Frederick, 55, together with Mexican celebrity Genoveva Casanova, 47, during a visit to Madrid. Then one topic followed the next. About a month later, Queen Mary, 51, flew to Australia with Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 13, without her husband. In her hometown, Mary finally meets her best friend. However, 83-year-old Queen Margrethe reportedly did not approve.

Margrethe reportedly objected to Queen Mary's secret meeting in Australia

The affair rumors should not hurt Mary. So it's no surprise that Royal met her friend Amber Petty at home to talk things out. Swedish newspaper “Svensk Damtidning” has a photo showing the 51-year-old twins and Betty lying down. The two women have been friends for over 25 years; Amber Petty was one of King Mary's bridesmaids at her wedding to Frederick in 2004.

However, Queen Margrethe is reportedly not a fan of the relationship, the publication reports. The reason: After the royal wedding, Petty revealed details of the ceremony to the Australian press. It wasn't to be the only time she spoke publicly. In 2020, Amber revealed on the “Pure Grit” podcast that it was no coincidence that Frederick and Mary met in a bar in Sydney in 2000. Instead, Mary's friend Beatrice Turnawsky orchestrated the whole thing. “The truth is Beatrice knew someone who knew interesting royals,” he revealed. Tarnowski wanted to organize an informal dinner, “and Mary was one of the invitees.” So if Mary has now spoken to her confidant about the rumours, Margrethe may fear that Betty will speak to the media again. But, it has not happened till now.

Mary celebrated her reunion with Frederick

On December 15, 2023, ten days after his wife left for Australia, King Frederick flew to follow her. With Princess Isabella, 16, Frederick visited Mary and the twins in New Zealand. The family was spotted on the tarmac at the airport in the resort town of Queenstown, the Daily Mail reported.

After four weeks King Frederick seemed to be in much better spirits. They even had a hearty smile when they saw the photographers.

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