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Procedures worth 28 thousand francs: Megan Fox reveals all her plastic surgeries

Procedures worth 28 thousand francs: Megan Fox reveals all her plastic surgeries

Actress Megan Fox does not hide her beauty procedures.

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Megan Fox is speaking out about her beauty routines. Among other things, she has had her breasts done three times – the last time she simply wanted to have the “largest breasts” possible.

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  • Actress Megan Fox talks about the many plastic surgeries she had on “Call Her Daddy.”
  • She revealed that she spent more than 28,000 francs on him.
  • The 37-year-old also says she wants to have more procedures done – ideally a 'Brazilian butt lift'.

Her appearance has always been discussed publicly throughout her career. Especially after her success in “Jennifer's Body”, Megan Fox became viewed as a sexual being. “Transformers” director Michael Bay simply told her: “Just be sexy.”

On the podcast “Call her father” The 37-year-old opened up about all the plastic surgeries she's undergone.

Fox has undergone three breast surgeries in the past 16 years. In total, this cost her a tidy sum of 28,000 francs. She also had her nose done, had Botox injections, and removed many blemishes on her skin using laser treatment.

She also wants to finish her ass

“I've had fake breasts since I was 21,” she says. During her last enlargement procedure, she told her surgeon she wanted the “biggest breasts” he could give her. The result is a 32D cup size.

Her breasts were first “fixed” when she stopped breastfeeding her children. She has three children with actor Brian Austin Green: Noah (11), Bodhi (9) and Journey (7).

She adds that she also underwent various injections on her face, but she did not want to reveal them.

She also didn't do anything else to her body: “I didn't remove any fat or tighten my body.”

Her insecurities about her body also began in 2009. After the success of the films 'Transformers' and 'Jennifer's Body', she always felt like she was being watched and reduced to just a movie.

Her program also includes the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” which uses stomach fat in the lower back. “I don't have the body fat, so I have to wait until I can get it from a donor.”

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