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Co-founder of Krokodil – Swiss rock musician Walt Anselmo has died – Culture

Co-founder of Krokodil – Swiss rock musician Walt Anselmo has died – Culture


In the 1960s, Valti Anselmo was considered the first Swiss rock musician. The singer, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary rock band Crocodile has now died at the age of 77, it was announced on Friday.

Walt Anselmo was born in 1946, grew up in Röschlikon (ZH) and bought his first guitar at the age of fourteen. In the 1960s he was considered one of the most accomplished electric guitarists of his time. As the frontman of the rock 'n' roll band The Hellfire, he brought Zurich clubs, such as the Longstreet, to a boil in 1964.

He founded the progressive rock band Crocodile in 1969 with music pioneers Hardy Heep and Dodd Durst, and with them he crossed the country's borders. Anselmo also played the South Asian stringed instrument, the sitar, in the band.

Jimi Hendrix called him “brother.”

Anselmo has certainly written the history of Swiss music: he is the only Swiss musician to have played the opening act at the legendary Rolling Stones concert at the Hallenstadion in Zurich in 1967 – in the formation called the “Walty Anselmo Set” – as well as in 1968. It was performed at the two-day monster party with “Anselmo Trend”. Jimi Hendrix was the headliner, and Anselmo also had the honor of receiving his idol at Zurich Airport. The guitar god greeted him with a “Hey bro.”

How versatile Walty Anselmo was as a musician is also shown by the fact that he played bass on the famous song “Grüezi Wohl, Frau Stirnimaa” by the Minstrels. The song stayed at number one on the Swiss charts for ten weeks in 1969.

From theater to bonsai trading

In 1974, Anselmo gave up his career as a musician and took a job as a printer. The time began when he was suffering from alcohol and illness. He and his wife Renata took care of their bonsai business until the end. He was there as a guest at the 2020 Crocodile Revival. Now Walt Anselmo has died at the age of 77, Crocodile founder Dodd Durst confirmed today.

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