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Prince Harry: ‘Forced to leave Britain’

Prince Harry: ‘Forced to leave Britain’

In his legal battle over police protection in Great Britain Prince Harry His move to America was by no means an independent decision. Her lawyer Shaheed Fatima told London’s High Court on Thursday that she did not accept claims that she had decided to no longer be a “working member” of the royal family.

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Instead, to their “great sadness, he and his wife Meghan were forced to step down from this role and leave the country in 2020,” the 39-year-old prince promised in a statement read by his lawyer. “Britain is my home,” said the youngest son of King Charles III. Continued in the report. He wants his children to be as comfortable there as they are in their current place of residence in America. But that won’t work if “they cannot be protected on British soil”.

Harry and his wife Meghan retired from royal duties in April 2020 and now live in California with their two children. As a result, both lost taxpayer-funded police protection in Great Britain. The British Home Office has refused to deploy police officers to ensure Harry’s safety when he travels to his home country, although the prince himself wants to cover the cost of the deployment.

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New proceedings before the High Court, which began on Tuesday, concern the Home Office’s decision in February 2020 to provide police protection to Prince Harry on a case-by-case basis. James Eady, a lawyer representing the Home Office in the process, defended the promise of limited protection. Prince Harry only receives police protection “under certain conditions” and “depending on the circumstances” because the prince himself has decided to “become a member of the non-royal family” due to his “change of status”. An official function.”