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Merry Royal Christmas from William and Kate

Merry Royal Christmas from William and Kate

It’s a popular tradition that also pleases many fans of the British royal family: every year the royal family sends Christmas cards – and publishes the motif. Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, have been using photos of the whole family together for years. Same this time: A new photo by photographer Josh Shinner shows the couple together with their three children George (10), Charlotte (8) and Louis (5) – this time in a more casual way.

Family members wear button-up shirts. Kate and Charlotte both wear jeans, William, George and Louis wear dark trousers (Louis wears shorts). Charlotte and her younger brother Louis also wear matching plimsolls. William and Kate each put an arm around their sons, and Charlotte takes center stage in a chair.

The classic black-and-white portrait is a departure from Williams and Kate’s usual habit of sharing color photos outdoors. The picture taken in Windsor this year appears to have been shot in a studio. The family of five moved their primary residence from London to Windsor last year.

William is heir to the throne

This year is particularly significant as William and Kate continue to settle into their expanded royal roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. William’s prominent position in the line of succession was highlighted when William knelt before his father after his coronation on the day of King Charles’s coronation.

Christmas cards from William and Kate in previous years