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Prince Albert II reveals: This is his wife Charlene

Prince Albert II reveals: This is his wife Charlene

Updated on November 19, 2021 at 8:41 am

  • The Palace of Monaco recently announced that Princess Charlene will not attend the National Day.
  • Now her husband, Prince Albert II, talks about her health.
  • Accordingly, the 43-year-old still needs rest.

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After it became known that Princess Charlene will not attend the National Day of Monaco on Friday, He speaks Prince Albert Second: About the current health status of his wife. The 63-year-old explained in an interview with “Monaco Matin”, as he did, among others, “daily Mail” mentioned.

Although Charlene recently left South Africa after health issues She returned, she is not currently in the emirate. Looks like the family wants to visit as soon as possible. For him, the prince said, his family is the top priority in this situation. Six-year-old twins, Gabriella and Jack, would have experienced the absence of their mother. Now is an important time in children’s lives.

She is looking forward to ‘spending time with Monaco’

before The palace had already announced, which – which Charlene He will not participate in the National Day. Until her condition improves, she must continue to recover in a place that must remain confidential. As soon as her health permits, Charlene will return to her “princely duties” and look forward to “spending time with Monaco”.

At the beginning of November, Princess Charlene returned to her family in Monaco after spending several months in South Africa. “Originally, I was only supposed to stay here for ten to twelve days,” the princess said at the end of July in an interview with the radio. “Radio 702”. She continued the treatment, but she “couldn’t force her to recover,” she continued. At that time, it was already clear that she might have to stay in her old house until the end of October. The princess suffered from an acute infection of the ear, nose and throat.
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Recently, there have been frequent rumors that Princess Charlene of Monaco may be leaving the Prince’s Palace. But these rumors are now said to have been nipped in the bud by her sister-in-law Chantelle Wittstock.