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Premier League prestige duel - Stunning YB draw against Basel makes FCZ Winter Champion - Sports

Premier League prestige duel – Stunning YB draw against Basel makes FCZ Winter Champion – Sports

  • In the supplementary match for the 14th round of the Premier League, Bernese Young Boys and FC Basel separate 1: 1.
  • In an amazing first half, Bernays took the lead, but missed several first-class opportunities. Before the end of the first half, Bayern managed to equalize the score.
  • Both teams can’t make a lot of ground in a chase duel and at the same time pick the FCZ captain as the Winter Champion.

Rarely does a blow fall out of nowhere. After what felt like Byrne’s first loss of the ball in midfield, Liam Millar grabbed the ball. With a nice trick, he allowed Sylvain Hefty to stand up, overpowering the rest of YB’s defense and finally scoring from an acute angle to make the score 1-1 (37). At the time this was the first degree from Basel for the target of young YB substitute Leandro Zbinden.

The audience’s “attack” overshadowed the subsequent jubilee scene in Basel: Bajtim Ghasemi hit a spectator in the head with a light blow. The Basel player got in pain but was able to keep playing.

Siege conditions around the FCB . gate

Before that, the Pyrenees lit up a real fireworks display. Nicholas Ngamelio missed the goal with his head from a very short distance (12) and hit the post and then the goalkeeper (22) a little later. FCB goalkeeper Heinz Lindner was still lucky, and shortly thereafter he miraculously scratched a bullet from Fabian Ryder (23). Wilfried Kanga almost profited after half an hour of a misunderstanding by Bayern’s defense – his ball past Lindner managed to save Raul Petreta at the extremes on the goal line.

In between, the well-deserved opening goal fell to the hosts in the 20th minute. After a corner kick, “Bibi” did not take the ball out of the penalty area: Mishak Elijah took advantage and scored after a clever pass from Kanga with a low shot to make the score 1-0. This Kanga had to leave the field injured before the break and would complete the already overcrowded Bern hospital with a ligament injury.

YB: Penal bankruptcy and post-bad luck

In the second half, the game became more chaotic. Andy Bellemare caused the first kick 10 minutes into the second half: in his own penalty area, the Bayern defender, somewhat unhappy, slipped his arm to block a cross from Sylvain Hefty. After looking at the video images, referee Fadaye Sanh decided the right to a penalty kick. With this, however, Ngamaleu failed miserably at Lindner.

In the final minutes, the league’s croissants of the past few years seemed to have acclimated to a draw. YB, who will mourn the missing points with clearly better statistical values ​​during the match, luck was not hanging in the 90th minute when Elijah failed with a powerful shot on the post and back to Lindner.

The vibes and spectacle on the square were in contrast to the events in the stands: the guest building remained shuttered, and the mood-makers on the bend east of Bern turned away from the game in protest.

So it continues

FCB is waiting to win at Wankdorf. The last one is dated May 2016 (3:2). The two teams will return to work in the tournament next Sunday. FCB receives Grasshoppers at home, YB travels to Ticino to FC Lugano.