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YB and FCB meet in the big match 1:1

YB and FCB meet in the big match 1:1

Heinz Lindner cashes in the penalty kick and has one point.Photo: cornerstone

15.12.2021, 22:5215.12.2021, 23:42

Young Boys and FC Basel In Wankdorf 1:1.

The Bernese is hugely superior, but don’t take advantage of it. After the result in Wankdorf obviously FC Zurich He will take the break as the sole leader and unofficial title of Winter Champion.

like FC intrepid After nearly 37 minutes of nowhere with his first notable attack by Liam Millar to make it 1-1, it was clear that Young Boys had been in the lead for a long time.

Until then they had one good chance after another and they didn’t let the people of Basel breathe. The 1-0 score, scored by Mishak Ilya in the preparations for Wilfried Kanga after 20 minutes with a direct admission, was a poor reward for generous efforts and blatant control.

Once Nicolas Mumi Njamaleo hit the post, Basel goalkeeper Heinz Lindner once again made a great save for young YB player Fabian Ryder, and once again Basel defender Raul Petretta hit the ball across the post from the goal line after Wilfried Kanga raised it. With a good second scene in the first half, Basel almost took a lead. But Matias Palacios hit the crossbar after 42 minutes.

weak penalty kick

In the second half, the master’s supremacy was no longer so obvious. However, the Pyrenees approached the new leadership several times. The most prominent of them was in the 55th minute, when Nicolas Mommy Ngamaleo managed a penalty kick by Andy Bellemare.

Momi Njamaleo’s shot was so weak that Heinz Lindner didn’t have much trouble dodging it. In the 90th minute, Mishak Elia hit the post. So the balance of the wonderful evening was: two goals, four poles and a crossbar, one penalty miss.

What does Zbinden do?

Young Boys have decided to hire 19-year-old goalkeeper Leandro Zbinden to replace injured David von Palmos and Guillaume Pfeffer. After the match, you do not know what the young man can achieve at the highest level. He couldn’t do anything when conceding a goal and, unlike Lindner, hardly had a chance to excel.

Leandro Zbinin did not have much to do during the baptism of fire.

Leandro Zbinin did not have much to do during the baptism of fire. Photo: cornerstone

Qasemi hit with a lighter

After Basel’s 1-1 draw, Bagtim Ghasemi was hit in the head by a lighter thrown from behind the goal by the YB fan club. Qasemi was able to continue playing. But the bad scene certainly isn’t over for Berne. A heavy fine should be expected – even if the club itself could not prevent such an assault on an individual fan.

Young Boys – Basel 1:1 (1:1)
20,912 spectators. – Real San.
rip: 20. Elijah (Kanga) 1: 0.37. Millar (Petrita) 1: 1.
Young Boys: Zbinden. Hefty, Camara; Lustenberger, Lefort; Mumi Njamalio (62. Maceras), Martins, Cero, Rider (80. Soligman); Elia, Kanga (44. Sepacho).
Basil: Lindner. Lopez, Frey, Belmar, Petrita; Kasami, Limerick (81 burgers); Ndwi (81. Esposito), Palacios (76. male), Millar; Cabral.
Notes: Young Boys Don Looper (suspended), Nesmi, Ebecher, Fasnacht, von Palmos, Pfeiffer, Mambebe, Garcia, Montero and Petinat (all injured). Kanga’s wound has been eliminated. Basel without Zigrova, Xhaka and Padula (all injured). 19-year-old goalkeeper Leandro Zbinden debuted in the Premier League. 55. Lindner holds a hand-to-hand penalty kick from Mumi Ngamaleo. 23. Post Shot Momi Ngamaliu. 28. Petrita saves on the line via posts. 42 sit-down bullets Palacios. 90 after the shooting of Elijah. Alerts: 27. Palacios (False), 51. Sierro (Fault), 57. Moumi Ngamaleu (Fault), 61. Zesiger (Not in Play/Complaint), 69. Esposito (Not in Play/Complaint), 87. Burger ( Error).



Switzerland’s top scorer since 1990


Switzerland’s top scorer since 1990

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