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Optimism among team leader - Alina Muller: "The Olympic medal is realistic" - Sports

Optimism among team leader – Alina Muller: “The Olympic medal is realistic” – Sports


In 2014, the Swiss women’s national team made a coup with bronze in Sochi. This will be repeated in Beijing in 2022.

Alina Muller was not yet 16 when she scored the match-winning goal in the third-place match against Sweden at the 2014 Olympics and helped the Swiss national ice hockey team win the bronze medal. She would like to experience the same feelings again in Beijing next February. The 23-year-old striker now thinks the chances are there: “The Olympic medal is definitely realistic for us.”

Unfortunately, we are still very far from the first countries.

At the World Cup last August, Switzerland proved to be one of the top 5 countries in women’s ice hockey, Muller said. In Calgary, Canada, the hockey team came fourth, and Mueller himself was not able to help her team in this tournament as required. She injured herself in the second set match and has since had to watch from the stands.

Gold and silver are practically impossible

When Muller talks about an Olympic medal, he’s talking about bronze. Participation in the finals seems almost impossible. “Unfortunately, we are still very far from the big countries,” says the Swiss, who has been playing ice hockey abroad for several years.

In duels with Canada or the United States, it is almost always the case that Switzerland hardly has a game and relies on an outstanding goalkeeper to stay in the game to some extent. “It’s a big wish for us to really play at some point and have a great game against the big countries for more than 60 minutes,” says Muller.

First Basel, then Beijing

Before it comes to the coveted precious metal in Beijing in a good 6 weeks, Muller & Co. is having a preparatory tournament in Basel from Thursday to Sunday. Switzerland’s opponents twice Sweden and once Germany.

Women’s national football team schedule

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  • Thursday 6 pm Swiss time – Sweden
  • Saturday 3 pm Swedish time
  • Sunday at 12:10 pm Switzerland time – Germany