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Pop star Beatrice Egli cancels video premiere!

Pop star Beatrice Egli cancels video premiere!

Beatrice Egli was looking forward to it, just like her fans. But yesterday the musician canceled the premiere of her new video in no time.


The basics in brief

  • Beatrice Egli wanted to release her new “Full Risk” music video today.
  • The musician canceled the premiere yesterday.

Her fans have been looking forward to this afternoon for weeks…

The new music video for star Beatrice Egli (34) should go online at 12 noon. Pustekuchen, yesterday’s video premiere has been canceled at short notice.

How is that? The strength blonde explains this on her own Instagramchannel on. “You’ll be a little late,” says Egli. Timeline will not be maintained alsogoes to say.

Beatrice Egli canceled the premiere of her music video for “Full Risk” yesterday. – Instagram / beatrice_egli_official

“In life, not everything is predictableIf you take the full risk. I no longer deal with things that I can’t change.” The musician does not go into further detail about the reasons for canceling the premiere.

Only Ejali reveals a lot about them the first show To “Full Risk”: “Not tomorrow, but someday the new video will come.”

Still looking forward to the premiere of Beatrice Egli’s new music video?

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