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Poll values ​​are declining among the Americans and the British

Poll values ​​are declining among the Americans and the British

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not do themselves a favor in an interview with Oprah. Its popularity is in the basement on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The basics are in brief

  • Since meeting Oprah, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have suffered a backlash.
  • Prince Harry’s popularity dropped sharply after his resurgence.
  • The reason is that he criticized the First American Constitutional Amendment, which is sacred to Americans.

Prince Harry, 36, against the wind: According to surveys, the Duke of Sussex’s popularity is declining sharply on both sides of the Atlantic.

Charlie Ray, the former royal editor of The Sun in Great Britain in particular, said Harry’s popularity has fallen off sharply. In a recent Newsweek poll, 54 percent of respondents wanted to “just shut up.”

In exchange for ‘talkRadio’ Ray said Prince Harry was a champ British Also. “Now it’s zero, I’m afraid.”

The cause of the backlash, among other things, was the two’s controversial interview with Talk show size Oprah Winfrey.

He rebuked for criticizing the US Constitutional Amendment

He also sat with Harry making a podcast with Dax Shepherd Royal Largely in nettle. There the 36-year-old described the sacred First Amendment of the Constitution in America as “crazy.” The article is about freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Ray then said Harry had to receive a lot of criticism from within America. Americans do not like sneaks who show up in their country and then criticize their sanctuary.

Several American citizens expressed their opinion on social media that if he doesn’t like him here, he should come back.

“Please take back Prince Harry.”

It has removed its fat from the media, too. Radio presenter Sean Hannity described Harry as “a real royal pain in the ass.” “Please, please come back to Prince Harry,” editor Amber Atey told “Good Morning Britain.”

According to a YouGov poll, this is also reflected in the Sussex popularity rankings. Harry’s negative ratings have risen from 17 percent last year to 26 percent. From his wife Megan Markle (39) Negative ratings rose ten points from 23 to 33 percent.

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