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Polestar Phone: The electric car manufacturer's first upcoming smartphone comes with ultra-thin screen bezels

Polestar Phone: The electric car manufacturer's first upcoming smartphone comes with ultra-thin screen bezels

At the end of last year, electric car maker Polestar teased its first smartphone. At that time, it was possible to see the flagship smartphone in a short video. Now new information has emerged about the Polestar Phone, which will likely be presented to the public soon.

It's already clear that the Polestar Phone comes from Meizu, which isn't surprising, given that both brands belong to Geely. Looking at the video at the time, suspicions emerged that this was a rebranded Meizu 20 Pro, which received the Polestar branding. Because the back that can be seen with the four raised rings of the rear camera is very reminiscent of this model.

Now a source provides new evidence of the existence of another flagship model from the manufacturer. GSM China I found a supposed Polestar phone in the IMEI database. The source at least assumes that the debut of the electric car manufacturer's smartphone is hidden behind an entry bearing the model number M392S. The model number is very similar to the M392Q, which belongs to the Meizu 20 Infinity. On the other hand, the Meizu 20 Pro has the M391Q.

This will be a more visually interesting model than the Meizu 20 Pro. While the back of the two models looks relatively similar, the Infinity Edition features slimmer display bezels on the front. At launch about a year ago, there was talk of “the world's thinnest screen bezels.” The Meizu 20 Infinity has a 6.79-inch 120Hz BOE Q9 LTPO AMOLED display with a resolution of 3192 x 1368 pixels and a peak brightness of 1850 nits. In addition, the Meizu 20 Infinity (like the Pro model) comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, but has, among other things, weaker camera equipment.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen what exactly the Polestar Phone will ultimately offer. The manufacturer may also combine some features of the Meizu 20 Pro and Meizu 20 Infinity models – namely the camera from the Pro and the front design of the Infinity model. It would be fitting if the teaser video from November 2023 shows a similar back to the Meizu 20 Pro in the image. The front of the Polestar Phone, also shown briefly, can be seen without the small chin (i.e. the slightly thicker bottom screen edge) of the Pro model, and is therefore more reminiscent of the Infinity version.

The source also notes that Geely wants to build an entire ecosystem with Meizu and Polestar in order, among other things, to connect electric cars and smartphones in the best possible way – similar to what Xiaomi is doing with its end-to-end HyperOS operating system.