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Pokémon Go: Raid Day with Hisui-Silvarro in February 2024

Pokémon Go: Raid Day with Hisui-Silvarro in February 2024

Eli Hawke

Hey, coach! Are you excited for the current round of Pokémon GO: Sinnoh? Don't worry, you won't have to wait much longer! To shorten the waiting time, you can… Sunday, February 11, 2024 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (local time) on Raid Day with Hisui-Silvaro Involved! Pokemon will appear in Tier 3 raids.

Why do so many Hisui Pokémon appear? Well, who knows? Hisui is the former name of the Sinnoh region! Of course, this is why many of the Pokémon first discovered in the Hisui region appear.

Looking forward to raiding Hisui-Silvaro for three hours! ATTENTION – Hisui-Silvarro will appear in all arenas immediately from 2:00 PM. No raid eggs hatch. After an hour the arenas will become “empty” for a brief moment and all raids will disappear. The raids start over, so to speak – again without a raid egg – and Hisui Silvaro appears again. You can fight Hisui-Silvarro three times in the arena. You can do this in as many arenas as you want – as long as you don't run out of Raid Passes.

Access is possible with all raid passes. Trainers who wish to use raid passes remotely can do so on the day of the raid.

Shiny Hisui Silveraro?

Yes, with a little luck, you can meet the brilliant Hisui-Silvaro!

Event rewards

  • On raid day, you will get five free raid cards if you shoot image discs for arenas.
  • Remote raid limit increased to 20 battles. This applies from 11 February 2024 at 01:00 AM to 12 February 2024 at 04:00 AM (CET).
  • The chance to impress Hisui-Silvaro increases.

Ticket: Day of the Raid with Hisui-Silvaro

For €5.99, you can purchase a ticket for Raid Day with Hisui-Silvarro from the Pokémon Go in-game store. This ticket entitles you to the following rewards on Sunday, February 11, 2024 from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM (local time):

  • You will receive eight additional raid passes for the image spinners in the arenas (you will receive a total of 14 raid passes on this day)
  • Increased chance of obtaining special XL candy for raid battles.
  • You will get 50% more experience points in raid battles.
  • You will receive double Stardust in Raid Battles.

Would you like to experience Raid Day with Hisui-Silvarro with friends? Surprise your friends by giving them the ticket. To do this, tap the ticket in the Pokémon Go in-game store, then tap the “Gift” option. You and your friends must have at least reached Super Friends level to be able to award a ticket.