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Ten new ideas for your old cell phone

Ten new ideas for your old cell phone

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Anyone who buys a new smartphone is faced with the question: What to do with an old iPhone or Android device that still works really well? 10 recycling ideas.

MUNICH – If a smartphone isn't an “inheritance” in the family, and if it's not intended to collect dust in a drawer or be returned for recycling, there are clever ideas about what you could use a discarded smartphone for. IPPEN.MEDIA Shows the top ten.

1. New ideas for your old cell phone: Use secure banking apps

Online banking is one of the most common targets for cybercriminals. If your old smartphone is still convenient enough to do this, it's smart to use it to access banking transactions. If you then stop browsing, emailing, and delete all other applications on your cell phone, you are very safe from your online account being hacked.

2. Use an old cell phone as a security camera or baby monitor

With apps like Alfred I.B An old smartphone can work as a security camera. Motion detector is built-in right away. This also works to monitor your pets while you're on the go or as a smart door viewer using the app Door camera.

3. Use a discarded cell phone as a car navigation system

So that you don't have to fiddle with the new cell phone in the holder every time, the old smartphone can stay in the car as a navigation system with Google Maps or Apple Maps. With the Prey app, your cell phone becomes a GPS tracker that locates your car if you forget where it is or if it's stolen.

4. Use your cell phone as a second computer monitor

With apps like Office space An old smartphone can be connected to the computer as a small additional monitor. Then displays TV, video chats, or panels in office programs without taking up space on the actual screen.

5. E-book reader

Apps like Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books turn your old cell phone into a digital reading device. E-books take up very little space. And the battery life of your new everyday smartphone is protected.

6. Digital photo frame

When placed in the right place, a discarded cell phone doubles as a digital photo frame. In slide show mode, it always shows new photos from your photo library that you haven't seen in a long time. A new surprise every minute!

7. Learning device for children

Through learning apps, books or games suitable for children, children are slowly finding their way into the world of smartphones on their old mobile phones. Parents can delete all other apps from TikTok to WhatsApp that only distract them.

Old smartphone, new fun: Use it as a cell phone for kids. © imago

8. Cell phones have become reliable alarm clocks

An old cell phone can be left on the nightstand as a reliable alarm clock. Without additional applications, the risk of surfing at night and not being able to rest is reduced.

9. Keep your old cell phone as an emergency device

A charged smartphone with a prepaid SIM card can be invaluable in emergency situations. Store it in an easily accessible place in case you don't have a new cell phone!

10. Remote control

Many home devices, including smart TVs, streaming music, lighting, or the entire smart home, can be controlled through apps. Use your old cell phone as a remote control!

A completely different use for some old mobile phones has caused a stir in Austria recently: Smartphones are now hanging from a tree at a ski resort in Austria.